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2024 CPHS Tryout Information


12:00 AM Midnight Sprint Test
10AM-1PM Upperclassmen
1:30-4:30 Freshmen


8-10am Freshmen
10:30-12:30pm Upperclassmen
2-5pm Everyone
*Final Cuts* subject to change


8-10am Freshmen
10:30-12:30pm Upperclassmen
2-5pm Everyone
*First Cuts*


7am - 9:30am Everyone
2pm-6pm Team pictures (Times TBD)
6pm MANDATORY Parent Meeting (Fieldhouse)

Midnight Sprint Test

We had about 8 different groups lined up on the field last year.  Keep in mind, doing it on the field is a little different than the track. Coach put what that conversion is next to the distance so you can accurately practice.  Once one group has gone and we document if they made it, the next group will go immediately.  It flows pretty fast.  The recovery times are approximate and could be a little longer pending on how many groups.  If you can achieve these sprints with the suggested recovery time, you will be in great shape for the sprint test.

4 - 100's (110 yards) at 15 seconds
1 minute recovery
6 - 75's (82 yards) at 11 seconds
45 second recovery
8 - 40's (44 yards) at 7 seconds
30 second recovery
10 - sprints (22 yards) at 2 seconds
15 second recovery

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